Meaningful activism requires you to reflect and become better. Introspection and self-improvement is a part of learning and growing. Here are a few prompts you can think about on your own or talk through with those close to you to reflect on what role you play in this system and how you can improve your part in it.

  • How are you going to continue the fight offline? More importantly, who are you offline? Do you make space for POCs and protect them within your community? Do you address microaggressions? Do you still use your voice even when you have a protective bubble of privilege?

  • Do you care as much about Black people who are alive as those who are unjustly killed?

  • Do you take action for Black people or only against perpetrators who kill and hurt?

  • Why are you sharing videos of violence against Black people?

  • Is your outrage against racism fed by viewing acts of racism?

  • What actions have you taken this month to improve the lives of others as opposed to avenging death?

  • What anti-racist actions have you done this month that is not on social media or visible to others?

  • In what ways does my proximity to whiteness afford me privileges that aren’t extended to Black and Brown people?

  • In what ways have I been conditioned to believe in the superiority of whiteness?

  • In what ways have I engaged in rhetoric that promotes othering or stereotyping of Black people?

  • What can I do to better educate myself on the historical context of race in the country and community I exist in?

This is an ongoing archival project, compiled and created entirely by individuals. If there is anything you feel we should add or is missing, be it an initiative, a piece of content, a donation fund, or a new petition, please let us know so we can include it.

Justice concerns us all. Racism is everywhere. This is a project by everyone, for everyone.

Note: A site will also be made in regards to the feminist movement and femicides in Mexico.

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