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We've stressed the importance of education. Activism involves self-awareness and self-improvement. Reading is a necessary part of that.

what do you want to read?

Want to read influential works by revolutionaries and learn more about progressive movements through history and new political philosophies? Check out some theory & history.

Want to read more contemporary works by black authors that relate directly to the society we're living in right now? Check out some contemporary writings.

Want to read fictional stories about the black experience, by black authors? Check out some fiction.

Here is an article on the role of international students in the Black Lives Matter movement, and how they can combat bystander racism and colorblind racism, as well as how to use privilege as an instrument for justice.

"The fact is, the systemic oppression and brutalization of Black people is not a problem specific to the United States; it is a global one, one in which we are all complicit."

read here.

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