Privilege is a fact of society: it exists, it affects you (whether for the better or worse), and you cannot deny its existence.

Instead, truly intersectional activism recognizes the existence of privilege and how you can use it to benefit the movement rather than perpetrate injustices. White privilege, male privilege, cishet privilege, socioeconomic privilege— these are all present in the scheme of society, but that only means you should use them to give a platform to those that don't have the same privilege.

white privilege: unpacking the invisible knapsack

Easily readable essay with a checklist of signals of white privilege (which you can take as a quiz to understand its extent) and ideas on the social evolution of privilege systems.

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10 examples that prove white privilege exists in every aspect imaginable

Well-documented article that lists ten examples of commonplace white privilege that you may not be noticing, and explains them for you to understand what they are and why they matter. Also, it is laden with links about specific cases, throughout history, that support the argument it makes.

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what is white privilege, really?

Informative article that defines and explains the term "white privilege" elaborately, and makes the distinction between white privilege and racism. You can (and should) be not racist. but still have a significant measure of white privilege you need to acknowledge. This article touches upon that.

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what do i say when...?: a guide for white people

A small Instagram slideshow guide by @ohilyssa, listing some of the most common comments against BLM or that try to minimize the movement, and what to respond to them.

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how to talk about racial injustice with your white family

A small Instagram slideshow guide by @schwarkattack, listing some of the most common points that will likely come up in any white family discussion about racial issues and how to respond to them to educate.

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