Any meaningful activism has to include the voices of those you are advocating for. Include black voices and ideas in your activism, and give them a platform from where to continue speaking or creating. This also goes for including more black artists in your playlist, be they whatever genre they may!

And keep in mind if you're someone who enjoys rap or black-influenced forms of music, but refuse to interact or acknowledge black issues, you're appropriating that culture for your own performative benefit without engaging with the problems and experiences specific to the content you're consuming. 

And no, if you're not black, you can't say the n-word. Not even if you're singing.

black lives matter

Spotify-compiled playlist featuring "songs of empowerment and pride" by black artists about the black experience.



a seat at the table




black, queer, and proud

Spotify-compiled playlist featuring queer black artists.

all-amerikkkan bada$$

Joey Bada$$

black messiah


dirty computer

Janelle Monáe

jazz playlist

Listen to some of jazz's pioneering and most influential songs.

to pimp a butterfly

Kendrick Lamar



i put a spell on you

Nina Simone