what does "acab" mean, and why do i keep seeing it everywhere?

"ACAB", also stylized as "1312" for the number its letters occupy in the alphabet stands for "All Cops Are Bastards" or "All Cops Are Bad". This phrase has become popular in light of recent events, but it can be controversial, so here's a small breakdown of why some protesters and activists use the phrase ACAB.

The phrase holds that the police is an inherently corrupt institution that disproportionately targets people of color and does not "serve and protect" citizens, but rather exists to uphold and defend property. This phrase does not mean that policemen, as people, are incapable of good actions or are not good individuals, but rather that the profession of policeman requires that you are a complicit participant in an outwardly corrupt and oppressive system. This is what protesters, activists, and people using the phrase "ACAB" are referring to when they use it.

You do not have to use the phrase or agree with its sentiment to participate in BLM activism; however, a part of meaningful engagement is recognizing that the police has a problem with brutality toward POC and that, in the past few days, it has been used as a repressive force to disband protests, target journalists, and exert undue violence (such as tear gas or rubber bullets) on activists who have taken to the streets.

the answer to police violence is not 'reform'. it's defunding. here's why.

Opinion article that looks as the systematic issues in the police and justice system, and how no amount of reform will ever change an institution designed to oppress— and that keeps getting a ridiculous amount of federal funding.

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no more money for the police

Opinion article that calls for an alternative to policing that doesn't kill poor or black people, like redirecting police funds to black communities and other related initiatives.

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what to do instead of calling the police

Community-based initiative to rethink your conception of the police and find safety alternatives, aware that cop-wrought security often comes at the expense of black people.

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how to safely and ethically film police misconduct

Social media is a tool to amplify and diffuse evidence of police misconduct, but there are ways to do so safely, ethically, and effectively. 

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thread: "protect and serve" is a lie

Tumblr thread linking articles that display the origin of police in the United States as a mechanism of oppression, designed to protect property, not people.

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The most important links in the thread include:
How and why the police have no constitutional obligation to protect someone.

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A brief history of slavery and the origins of American police.

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mpd 150

Described as "a people's project evaluating policing", this Minneapolis-based initiative seeks to evaluate the history of policing, its role in the community, and how communities can move forward from it to create a more inclusive, more equal system.

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Here is an instagram post (via @MPD_150) that answers the most common questions when it comes to police abolition and solutions.

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ig slideshow: "let's talk police propaganda and why people keep saying acab"

Digestible, easily-understandable Instagram slideshow post by @nivabaniya detailing what police propaganda is, why it is used, and how it relates to "acab".

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